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Activise Question & Answering

Activise Question & Answering
Activise Question & Answering Activise Question & Answering Activise Question & Answering

ActiVise Q&A MyMods

Once users have purchased the ActiVise Q&A Software, they are able to download ActiVise Q&A MyMods to add more topic space or ActiVise Q&A Modules to add prewritten questions and answers. Click here to find out more.  

About Activise

ActiVise is an on-screen flash card learning software package for any subject for learners aged 3 to 16 years.

The software enables the user to create their own question and answer flash cards, as words or pictures, and then play and learn through the 6 interactive 'table type' games. 

The user has the freedom to use their own pictures to create their picture flashcards either from photos taken on their camera or, with permission, downloaded from the internet. This allows the software to be uniquely personalised to the learning needs of an individual, group or class. The user can create any topic they wish that is relevant to the learner, for example, from simply matching pictures, times tables, complex science questions, etc. It is this capacity that makes the software appropriate for any age and any subject.

ActiVise contains 6 on-screen games. The user's flashcards can be used in any of the 6 games. Each of the 6 games focuses on a different way of learning. All the games work on learning through repetition and overlearning. Some games encourage learning through competition and collaboration whilst others allow learning through articulation.

The learners' progress can be tracked through 2 of the games. This allows users to assess learners prior to and after teaching to assess the value added or record progress over time. The software can be used in whole class teaching, group activities, 1 to 1 tutoring activities or as a homework tool or independent study aid.

The software is useful for the following:

• encouraging learning and enhancing revision,

• tracking individual learner's progress,

• playing against a friend or in a team,

• embracing different teaching and learning styles,

• personalise for individual learning needs (including SEN, EAL or G&T),

• adding the user's own pictures to aid learning,

• background colour, font colour, font and font size can be selected by the user




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