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Brainbox British History

Brainbox British History
Brainbox British History Brainbox British History

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These games are just brilliant for training recall and visual perception, plus the presentation is excellent and the material durable and hard-wearing. The object is to be the player with the most cards after ten minutes. One player takes a card, flips over the sand timer that is included in the box, and has just ten seconds to remember as much detail as possible from the card - presented in the form of written data and visual images. When time is up, he throws a  1-8  die  and hands the card to the next player, who asks the question (from the reverse side of the card) that the dice throw allocates. If he gets the right answer he keeps the card; the wrong answer and it goes back in the pack. The player who asked the question now gets to take a card... Simple as that; totally addictive,  great fun, and great for sharpening recall - for memory training, as a classroom or club fun activity, and as a great family game for young and old alike.

Example questions on cards:

When was the Battle of Hastings? What was Churchill's hobby? Where was Darwin born?

Key details for knowing our nation's past, from the Norman Conquest to World War Two.

Contains: 54 cards, 1 rules card, 1 sand timer, 1 die.

Level 4 - Standard. Age 7-adult

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