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Letter Sounds in Colour

Letter Sounds in Colour
Letter Sounds in Colour


Letter sounds in colour provides an alternative, new and  rapid method of clarifying shape, directionality and sound/symbol confusion. It is multi-sensory and hands on, involving the pupil through colour and touch.

It asks children to turn and position the letters, and to think about shape and the reasons why they are confused about letters. They build the alphabet using the wooden letters, and significant colours are allocated to each letter, for example....
w is blue (for water) and  m is red (for mouth).

The method is highly visual: children colour the letters and word clue pictures in the specified colour (matching the vinyl frieze), as well as practising the letter shapes and orientation. It is suitable for use with all children but is especially useful in clarifying sound/symbol correspondence for those who are  finding it particularly difficult.

An important part of the resource is the coloured vinyl letter frieze, with letters the same size and shape as the wooden letters included in the pack.

Particular focus is given to letter reversals, especially b/d. As soon as possible pupils can move into word and sentence building.

Pack contains: 

  • Vinyl Letter frieze 
  • Wooden lower case alphabet 
  • 6 workbooks (can be photocopied)
  • Teacher’s manual
  • Teacher’s handy reference chart
  • Carry case

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