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Lucid Rapid Screener

Lucid Rapid Screener
Lucid Rapid Screener

Swift, objective and accurate identification of dyslexia for ages 4-15 years!

Taking only 15 minutes, Lucid Rapid Dyslexia Screening is the solution for quick screening for dyslexia in the 4-15years age range. The computer gives each child three enjoyable and non-threatening tests that are sensitive cognitive indicators of dyslexia. Each Screening component has been individually standardised, validated and calibrated to maximise accuracy in detection of dyslexia and prevent dyslexic children 'slipping through the net'. There are very low rates of false positives ('false alarms') and false negatives ('misses').

The tests in Lucid Rapid Are:

  • Phonological Processing (4 - 15 years)
  • Working Memory (4 - 15 Years)
  • Phonic Decoding Skills (8 - 15 years)
  • Visual-verbal integration memory (4 - 7 years)

Results are available immediately:

  • a simple print-out of results, which incorporates automatic expert interpretation, gives clear indication of the probability of dyslexia in every case.
  • The automatic interpretation feature means that Working Memory Test can also be used very effectively by non-teaching staff.
  • The accompanying manual provides guidence on differentiated action after screening.

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