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Crossbow Card Games Compendium

Crossbow Card Games Compendium
Crossbow Card Games Compendium Crossbow Card Games Compendium Crossbow Card Games Compendium Crossbow Card Games Compendium Crossbow Card Games Compendium Crossbow Card Games Compendium Crossbow Card Games Compendium Crossbow Card Games Compendium Crossbow Card Games Compendium Crossbow Card Games Compendium

Six original literacy card games by Bob Hext, with extra detailed notes on when and how to use them in the classroom. 


Vocabulary Sentence Rummy:

Children extend their vocabulary and develop their understanding of parts of speech as they compete to collect the words that go with the sentence cards that have been turned over. Fast, fun, and enriching to play: ideal for any age, with photographic illustrations throughout.

See VC

The colourful new card game with clear images illustrates every single consonant and vowel grapheme, including consonant digraphs.

Simple, quick and fun to play: Children turn over vowel cards from the vowel pile, and race to complete words using the cards in their hands, decoding out loud as they go. Alphabet and vowel star cards speed up the game.

Teaches letter recognition, vowel and consonant differentiation, final double consonants, “h” digraphs, and  encoding and decoding skills.

Can be used at various levels, from the basic cvc/cvcc game using just three cards, to multisyllabic and vowel digraphs words.

Pot the Lobster

This card game is a hilarious new slant on the old game of Rummy; collect all the segments of the lobster to make a nonsense sentence. That’s easy but then you have to keep it in your head while the other players try to put you off and if you repeat it from memory you win the game!

Great fun for anyone from 6 to adult and useful for those who need to work on their memory, their language, or reading two-syllable words that bristle with consonant clusters.

Vowel Digraph Triplets

18 full-colour Vowel digraph suit sets of three, with one rhyming pair and one non-rhyming pair for each medial vowel digraph. Each sound has a key card with a  picture that is repeated on the other two cards in the triplet, for visual identification of the sound.

A variety of games, such as "Go Fish" as well as our own, noisy, "Bing Bang Bong" game  (rules included in pack), can be played for phonics and auditory discrimination.

Ideal for work with younger children, but also suitable for older students still working at this level.

Age 6+


Onset and rime wordbuilding card game with whole word chunks.

This game includies and, ear, ash, oil, ark - 42 common “building block” words  and ‘extra go’ option cards combine to make hundreds more words in this addictive spelling strategy game. If I play a You Lose! card, you miss a go - but I need to keep at least one  otherwise I can’t win the game!

Entertaining for all players age 6 to adult and particularly useful for anybody who will benefit from using whole word chunks as one of their spelling strategies.


 A fast moving game that sorts the b's from the d's.

It plays rather like Uno®, but with CVC words that just have the reversible consonants b, p, d, g, m, and n  in their spelling. Fast and fun to play. “Strike” was one of the games that established Crossbow as pioneers in the dyslexia world.

Based on traditional card game play - have an extra go, pick up 2 cards, change direction etc. -  STRIKE! only contains CVC words with consonants that can easily be reversed. 

Fun for any age and ability, and helpful for anyone who really has to focus on those letters before they turn into something else!


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