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Our phonics resources include decodable phonic readers, phonic games and a variety of other dyslexia-friendly phonics resources including synthetic phonics and onset and rime materials for phonological awareness.

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Picture Sentence Matching
Phase 4Phase 3 Set 1Phase 3 Set 2
Limited stock remaining Allow children to further extend their reading skills by giving them prac..
from £4.99 ex VAT
£5.99 inc VAT
Pop for Word Families
Practise spelling skills with this entertaining grab-and-go game! Watch out for the 'POP' pieces ..
£9.70 ex vat
£11.64 inc vat
Rescue Books
Male and female lead characters in a fast-pitched adventure story! The Rescue series of 10 s..
£39.00 ex vat
£39.00 inc vat
Rescue Books Series Workbook
Workbook of activities to go with the Rescue Books Series ..
£25.00 ex vat
£25.00 inc vat
Rime Read
Book 1Book 2Book 3Books 1-3 Set
Rime Read uses a structured, cumulative approach to language through word family acquisition, and th..
from £13.95 ex VAT
£13.95 inc VAT
See VC
The colourful new card game by Bob Hext with clear images illustrating every single consonant and vo..
£8.99 ex vat
£10.79 inc vat
Sentence Substitution
Limited stock remaining - FINAL REDUCTION TO CLEAR This fun and engaging activity provides childr..
from £3.99 ex VAT
£4.79 inc VAT
Smart Chute Cards: Letters and Sounds Phoneme Frames
*Limited stock remaining* Play “pairs” games or use with the Smart Chute. Learn and revise wor..
from £2.99 ex VAT
£3.59 inc VAT
Smart Chute Cards: Letters and Sounds Sound Button Set
*Limited stock remaining* Make use of the fun of  Smart Chute "magic" to reinforce the words..
£22.99 £11.49 ex vat
£13.79 inc vat
Smart Chute Cards: Phonics Set
This unique card flipper is a fun and exciting way of developing instant recall of letter sound know..
£64.99 ex vat
£77.99 inc vat
Sound Aloud
A fun way to introduce the alphabet sounds with colourful pictures of many favourite animals from th..
£6.99 ex vat
£8.39 inc vat
Short Vowel Long VowelComplete Set
Each Spingoes Set consists of 60 games containing 10 sets of individual word family games and ten re..
from £18.99 ex VAT
£22.79 inc VAT
Talisman Series
Series 1Series 2
Talisman Series is an exciting fresh start for older pupils who need to learn the Phonic Code. S..
from £39.00 ex VAT
£39.00 inc VAT
Talisman Series Workbooks
Series 1 WorkbookSeries 2 Workbook
These are spiral-bound books of photocopiable reading, spelling and comprehension activiti..
from £25.00 ex VAT
£25.00 inc VAT
The Magic Belt Introductory Workbook
Introductory Workbook for the Magic Belt Series A spiral bound, photocopiable workbook that prepa..
£18.00 ex vat
£18.00 inc vat
The Magic Belt Series
The Magic Belt Series includes 12 Synthetic Phonics reading books for catch-up pupils aged 8-14. Aim..
£45.00 ex vat
£45.00 inc vat