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Onset and Rime resources

Onset and Rime: the AT in cat is the rime; the C is the onset. Some children, especially dyslexic children, find synthetic phonics difficut to process and prefer to learn by making analogies from word chunks that look and sound the same. A rhyme only sounds the same; a rime has the same spelling too. An Onset can be a single letter or a blend - Cat and FLat are both onsets - but it can't make an extra syllable. Crossbow stocks a good range of tried and rime resources, including the Spingoes and Chunk Stacker Games and the Rime Read Books. Onset and Rime is not consistent with synthetic phonics, which requires every sound in a word to be processed separately. Although synthetic phonics is the most effective way of learning to read for many children, it causes problems for some: those are often the children, frequently dyslexic, who prefer and onset and rime approach.

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Secure CCVC and CVCC spelling pattern knowledge through the use of this brilliant word building..
£17.99 ex vat
£21.59 inc vat
Chunk Stacker
Chunk Stacker is a challenging and stimulating word building game which will develop knowledge of wo..
£24.99 ex vat
£29.99 inc vat
Initial Blends
Initial Blends develops spelling of 12 common initial blends (-l blends, -r blends + st and sp) thro..
£7.99 ex vat
£9.59 inc vat
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Phonics Dominoes: Blends and Digraphs
Reinforce children's phonics learning with fun domino game play Ages 6-10 Reinforce phonics sk..
£16.20 ex vat
£19.44 inc vat
Phonics Dominoes: Long Vowels
Reinforce phonics skills with the whole family while playing dominoes! Develop an understandin..
£16.20 ex vat
£19.44 inc vat
Phonics Dominoes: Set of 3
This set includes 3 tubs of phonics dominoes each containing 84 pieces and to make hundred..
£44.99 ex vat
£53.99 inc vat
Phonics Dominoes: Short Vowels
Reinforce phonics skills with the whole family while playing dominoes! Develop an understandin..
£16.20 ex vat
£19.44 inc vat
Rime Read
Book 1Book 2Book 3Books 1-3 Set
Rime Read uses a structured, cumulative approach to language through word family acquisition, and th..
from £13.95 ex VAT
£13.95 inc VAT
Short Vowel Long VowelComplete Set
Each Spingoes Set consists of 60 games containing 10 sets of individual word family games and ten re..
from £18.99 ex VAT
£22.79 inc VAT
Wordbuilder Card Game
Limited stock remaining Onset and rime wordbuilding card game with whole word chunks. This gam..
£6.99 £5.00 ex vat
£6.00 inc vat