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Barrington Stoke Fiction Pack

Barrington Stoke Fiction Pack
Barrington Stoke Fiction Pack Barrington Stoke Fiction Pack Barrington Stoke Fiction Pack

*Please note, that the titles in the pack may change without notice, so the pictures can only be used as a guidance.

Reading Age 7 Interest Age 9+

Barrington Stoke are the leading publishers of dyslexia-friendly children's books, and were the first to recognise the importance of printing on tinted page to minimise visual stress symptoms in their readers.

The 4U2 READ pack is a selection of 20 of their best-selling titles, from some of the UK's top children's authors, with a wide range of content, from action adventure and fantasy, to sports dramas, humour, and gritty realism with troubled teens and contemporary moral dilemmas.

Research shows that struggling readers ability actually improves when they get "drawn in" by a story. Authors Michael Morpurgo, Jeremy Strong and Terry Deary to name a few, are master story tellers. But as well as the excellence of their content, the 4U2READ books contain a number of other features that make Barrington Stoke the leading publishers of dyslexia-friendly readers:

Design that reduces obstacles- The books are printed on cream paper in a dyslexia-friendly font so the text is easier to read. Plenty of illustrations help support the story.
All books are "high-low"- The Reading Ages (RA) are always lower than the Interest Age (IA)
Books are short and punchy- Children feel a great sense of achievement when they finish a book, so these are not too long and have lots of chapter breaks.
The covers are mainstream- Self-esteem is an issue for struggling readers so the jackets don't look "special".
The 4U2READ pack is a fantastic addition to any class library- 20 brilliant stories by 20 brilliant authors, that are sure to inspire the most reluctant reader!

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