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Comprehension workbooks for levelled reading ages and specific skills (Getting the main idea and scanning for details), comprehension games and cubes, and  comprehension cards with age-level and high interest / low level (Hi-Lo) content, as well as skill-specific comprehension cards.

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6 Comprehension Board Games: Set 1
6 Comprehension Board Games Set 1: Early Comprehension Skills Topics include cause & effect, ..
£24.99 ex vat
£29.99 inc vat
6 Comprehension Board Games: Set 2
6 Comprehension Board Games Set 2: Towards Fluency This set teaches a range of reading comprehens..
£24.99 ex vat
£29.99 inc vat
Active Comprehension
Hands-on activities for developing comprehension and language skills. Active Comprehension is a c..
£16.99 ex vat
£16.99 inc vat
Comprehension Lifters
Book 1: AnimalsBook 2: MinibeastsBook 3: SpaceBook 4: The Sea
Comprehension exercises for children with poor literacy skills. These four topic-based titles off..
from £10.95 ex VAT
£10.95 inc VAT
Engaging Reluctant Readers
Engaging Reluctant Readers caters for students who have left the junior years but are struggling wit..
£16.99 ex vat
£16.99 inc vat
LFL Spelling and Phonics - Yr 2
Year 2 - Term 1Year 2 - Term 2Year 2 - Term 3
Limited stock remaining Spelling and Phonics covers the term-by-term requirements of the National..
from £8.99 ex VAT
£8.99 inc VAT
Re-tell a Story Foam Cubes
Boost reading and listening comprehension with these six foam cubes that target after-reading skills..
£10.80 ex vat
£12.96 inc vat
Read and Succeed
Book 1Book 2Book 3
Another excellent series for low achievers in secondary school from Australian author Margaret Warne..
from £17.95 ex VAT
£17.95 inc VAT
Reading Comprehension Cards
Year 2 (set 6)Year 3 (set 1)Year 4 (set 2)Year 5 (set 3)Year 6 (set 4)Year 7 (set 5)Years 2-7 (sets 1-6)
Each Comprehension Card set has: Wipe Clean surfaces for answers and highlighting. Clear, co..
from £20.50 ex VAT
£24.60 inc VAT
Reading Comprehension Cards Starter Packs
Set 1Set 2
These cards are a first step from teacher directed questions to reading written questions. The quest..
from £19.99 ex VAT
£23.99 inc VAT
Reading Comprehension Foam Cubes
Liven up your reading discussion with these foam cubes. Comprehension questions on each side of c..
£10.80 ex vat
£12.96 inc vat
Supporting Reluctant Readers
Supporting Reluctant Readers continues and advances the Reluctant Readers series, which caters for s..
£16.99 ex vat
£16.99 inc vat
Target Reading Comprehension
Target Reading Comprehension provides a systematic set of activities for teachers and classroom assi..
£20.00 ex vat
£20.00 inc vat
The Bridge
A unique story book written by a group of dyslexic children at a Devonshire Primary School working w..
£6.95 ex vat
£6.95 inc vat