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Phonic Readers

Decodable Phonic Readers from Phonic Books Ltd, following the Sounds-Write programme. Fully decodable synthetic phonics progression, fully compatible with Letters and Sounds, with an excellent dyslexia-friendly range for older reluctant readers that includes the new Alba and Rescue books written especially with girls in mind.

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The Magic Belt Series
The Magic Belt Series includes 12 Synthetic Phonics reading books for catch-up pupils aged 8-14. Aim..
£45.00 ex vat
£45.00 inc vat
Totem Series Readers
Totem Series is an exciting, fresh start for older pupils that builds up their reading skills from C..
£45.00 ex vat
£45.00 inc vat
Moon Dogs
The Moon Dogs series is designed to appeal to older 'catch-up' pupils at the very early stages of re..
from £15.00 ex VAT
£15.00 inc VAT
Alba Series
An exciting new series of 12 books for older readers with gaps in their phonic knowledge, aimed espe..
£45.00 ex vat
£45.00 inc vat
Talisman Series
Series 1Series 2
Talisman Series is an exciting fresh start for older pupils who need to learn the Phonic Code. S..
from £39.00 ex VAT
£39.00 inc VAT
Rescue Books
Male and female lead characters in a fast-pitched adventure story! The Rescue series of 10 s..
£39.00 ex vat
£39.00 inc vat
Titans Gauntlet Series Readers Set 1
Titan's Gauntlets is a set of ten imaginative stories with fantastic illustrations, which introduce ..
£39.00 ex vat
£39.00 inc vat
Talisman Card Games
Sets 1-10Sets 11-20
Each set of Talisman Card Games contains 10 beautifully-illustrated playing card games that offer pr..
from £54.00 ex VAT
£64.80 inc VAT
Alba Series Workbook
The workbook for the exciting new Alba series for older readers who have gaps in their phonic knowle..
£30.00 ex vat
£30.00 inc vat
Rescue Books Series Workbook
Workbook of activities to go with the Rescue Books Series ..
£25.00 ex vat
£25.00 inc vat
The Magic Belt Introductory Workbook
Introductory Workbook for the Magic Belt Series A spiral bound, photocopiable workbook that prepa..
£18.00 ex vat
£18.00 inc vat
Totem Series Workbook
This is a spiral-bound, photocopiable workbook offering segmenting, blending, phoneme manipulation a..
£25.00 ex vat
£25.00 inc vat
Dandelion 4-in-a-row Games
4-in-a-Row Games is a spiral-bound book of photocopiable, reading games for Units 7-10 & 11-15. ..
£5.00 ex vat
£5.00 inc vat
The Magic Belt Series Workbook
The Magic Belt Series Workbook for pupils age 8-14 This workbook includes a variety of essential ..
£30.00 ex vat
£30.00 inc vat
Dandelion Readers Initial Code Workbooks
Units 1-10 Read and WriteUnits 1-10 More Read and WriteUnits 11-20 Read and Write
The Initial Code Reading and Writing Activity Worksheets are designed to help develop reading (blend..
from £19.95 ex VAT
£19.95 inc VAT
Dandelion Readers Extended Code
Level 1Level 2Level 3
These books are for use by Reception and Year 1 children, either progressing from Dandelion Readers ..
from £28.00 ex VAT
£28.00 inc VAT