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CVC Magnetic Strips
*Limited stock remaining* These CVC strips can be used to support decoding and visual strategies ..
£20.99 £12.59 ex vat
£15.11 inc vat
Deebees & Queen Peas
An addictive double board game pack for children with letter reversal problems, based loosely on a (..
£8.99 ex vat
£10.79 inc vat
Dominoes: Word Building
Word Building becomes a game for the whole family with this set of dominoes! Reinforce children's..
£19.45 ex vat
£23.34 inc vat
Final Blends
A unique card+dice game for reading and spelling with final consonant clusters, and for use as conso..
£7.99 ex vat
£9.59 inc vat
Giant Foam Letters
*Limited stock remaining* Giant magnetic letters to support whole class phonics instruction. A..
£29.99 £17.99 ex vat
£21.59 inc vat
Go Games Set
Get the set of all twleve Go Games and save ££s! This set includes 12 double-sided games, suitabl..
£75.99 ex vat
£91.19 inc vat
Go Phonics 1
Go Phonics 1 includes 2 games: Game One: Alphabet A-Z Game Two: Initial blends and digraphs ..
£6.99 ex vat
£8.39 inc vat
Go Phonics 2
Go Phonics 2 includes 2 games: Game One: Vowel Digraphs Game Two: Final Consonant Blends and..
£6.99 ex vat
£8.39 inc vat
Go Phonics 3
Here's a question- What's a fun and easy way to learn letter blend sounds? Try Go Phonic 3! And if y..
£6.99 ex vat
£8.39 inc vat
Go Plural
Go Plural includes 2 games: Game one: 5 plural rules. Game two: 5 more plural rules. Pl..
£6.99 ex vat
£8.39 inc vat
Go Prefix
Want to learn about prefixes without boring worksheets? Then here's the game for you! Go Prefix c..
£6.99 ex vat
£8.39 inc vat
Grammar Game Cards
A set of four useful and enjoyable learning games for language and vocabulary that cover essential a..
from £5.95 ex VAT
£7.14 inc VAT
Helen Arkell Spelling Test
The Helen Arkell Spelling Test (HAST-2) is a single word spelling test developed for teachers, speci..
from £10.00 ex VAT
£10.00 inc VAT
How to Dazzle at Spelling
*Limited stock remaining* How to Dazzle at... are Literacy Workbooks for older students. Unclutte..
£15.95 £10.99 ex vat
£10.99 inc vat
How to Teach Spelling Without Going Crazy
128 pages of tips and activities for teaching spelling in the middle years, packed with original ide..
£23.95 ex vat
£23.95 inc vat
Hunt the Letter
*Limited stock remaining* Students search the page for everything that begins with the key letter..
£12.99 £7.79 ex vat
£7.79 inc vat