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Magnetic Foam Letters
1 - The Alphabet - Cursive2 - Consonant Blends3 - Vowel Diagraphs5 - Suffixes (Phase 6)L&S Phase 2L&S Phase 3L&S Phase 5Sets 1, 2 and 3CapitalsJumbo TubPrefixes
These magnetic foam letters are ideal for giving children hands-on practice in blending and segmenti..
from £5.99 ex VAT
£7.19 inc VAT
Based on 1 reviews.
Magnetic Rainbow Arc
Ideal for sequencing activities, this double-sided magnetic mat has a rainbow arc on one side and an..
£11.99 ex vat
£14.39 inc vat
Based on 1 reviews.
Nessy Learning Programme
If you would like to purchase Nessy Learning Programme please click here Licences Start at £100 f..
from £100.00 ex VAT
£120.00 inc VAT
Pop for Sight Words
Set 1Set 2
Handfuls of fun as children recognise and read aloud high frequency words. Fast-paced game play is g..
from £3.29 ex VAT
£3.95 inc VAT
See VC
The colourful new card game by Bob Hext with clear images illustrating every single consonant and vo..
£8.99 ex vat
£10.79 inc vat
Sensational Spelling Games
A comprehensive and varied set of photocopiable spelling games, for oral and written practice. Wr..
£16.99 ex vat
£16.99 inc vat
Smart Chute Cards: Suffixing Set
This set includes three packs of Smart Chute cards for help with suffix rules: Adding Suffixes Do..
£18.99 ex vat
£22.79 inc vat
Spell Well Books
Book ABook B
(Previously Spelling Toolkit Books) Identify and remedy spelling difficulties experienced by indi..
from £16.99 ex VAT
£16.99 inc VAT
Spelling Rules Directory
The Spelling Rules Directory introduces spelling conversations and guidlines that generalise across ..
from £11.99 ex VAT
£11.99 inc VAT
Spelling Rules Frieze
Based on the same rules found in the Spelling Rules Directory, this large 8.4m frieze will be an inv..
£10.99 ex vat
£13.19 inc vat
Suffixes and Spelling Rules Flash Cards
Learn and practise adding Key Stage 1 suffixes and progress to applying their spelling rules as list..
£24.99 ex vat
£29.99 inc vat
An exciting way to build vocabulary and discover that large words in English are made up of morphemi..
£24.99 ex vat
£29.99 inc vat
Tactile Letters
A tactile way to practise letter recognition and formation. Practise letter recognition and forma..
from £8.65 ex VAT
£10.38 inc VAT
The Letter Sound Book
The Letter Sound Book provides a wide range of activities for developing knowledge of the 26 letter ..
£17.99 ex vat
£17.99 inc vat
Vowel Sound Directory
Vowel sounds can be spelt in many different ways. To acquire spelling skills, we need to learn the s..
£11.99 ex vat
£11.99 inc vat
Wooden Alphabet Letters: Lower Case
Upper case and lower case wooden alphabets in handy zip bags.  Lower case alphabet as used in L..
£6.95 ex vat
£8.34 inc vat