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Bulldog Letter Reversals

Bulldog Letter Reversals
Bulldog Letter Reversals Bulldog Letter Reversals

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Bulldog Letter Reversals is the games, worksheets and kinaesthetic activities pack for children aged 5-12 years. Bulldog, the adorable dog that features throughout this multi-sensory learning pack, helps children to learn and remember the difference between 'b' and 'd', ‘m’ and ‘n’, and ‘u’ and ‘n’. Introducing your child to Bulldog, Molly, Ned and Udy, will give him / her a strategies to remember the difference between these confusing sounds and in most cases it will resolve the problem entirely and you will have a happy smiling child again. The animal theme keeps children engaged and motivated helping them have lots of fun whilst they learn.

Bulldog Letter Reversal has been designed by a dyslexic tutor for all teachers, teaching assistants, home educators and parents. 10 years of teaching experience and a lifetime of first hand personal experience has gone into making this resource along with 1 year of testing and refining the activities for maximum motivation, fun and engagement for children.

Why does Bulldog work?

The unique theme is linked throughout the entire pack which builds essential memory hooks every single time any resource is used. This is combined with proven multi-sensory activities to create an engaging, fun and motivating learning environment

Pack Contents:

Large sturdy wooden letters 'b', 'd', ’m’, ’n’, ’u’,
Resources CD (contains all the Bulldog, Molly, Ned and Udy resources to print),
Storage bag (for your printed resources).
CD Content:

18 board games,
10 card games,
over 300 worksheets including sound word and sentence level,
24 booklets,
Desk Prompts,
kinaesthetic activities,
certificates and
create your own sticker templates.
To see the full CD content here.

MAC/WINDOWS Compatible

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