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Wikki-Stix Primary Set

Wikki-Stix Primary Set
Wikki-Stix Primary Set Wikki-Stix Primary Set

Limited stock remaining

Twistable, flickable, buildable, stickable.  One-of-a kind creatables

Wikki-Stix are coated with a patent wax finish that means they stick to each other and to most surfaces - but not to your fingers! Great for making letters and words or for creating drawings and diagrams, Wikki-Stix are a tactile resource that all young children (and many not so young) will enjoy. In his book "Dyslexia, the Gift", Ron Davis shows how making tactile letters (he used clay) helped him overcome his severe dyslexia and learn how to spell. For children struggling with literacy, Wikki-Stix engage the same kinaesthetic learning paths, but with a lot less mess!

No glue - no mess - just wipe with a dry cloth to clean. Wikki Stix do not crumble or dry out.

This Primary Set contains 48 sticks in six colours.

Not suitable for children under 3 years old

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