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Parts of Speech
Think of English Grammar and you may think of these - the parts of speech: nouns, verbs, adjectives ..
£6.99 ex vat
£8.39 inc vat
Plot Blocks
*Limited stock remaining - final reduction to clear* Children will never get bored with this enga..
£32.40 £13.99 ex vat
£16.79 inc vat
Possession Apostrophe
Master the art of placing apostrophes with these ingenious self-correcting four piece puzzles. Learn..
£11.99 ex vat
£14.39 inc vat
Pot the Lobster Card Game
Brian’s bulldog scuttled over a squelchy banker...or was it a pigsty?? An original Crossbow card ..
£6.99 ex vat
£8.39 inc vat
Practise Punctuation
Book 1Book 2Book 0
Book 0 (KS1): 30 pages including picture stories and covers the use of: Capital letters and full sto..
from £15.00 ex VAT
£15.00 inc VAT
Build an understanding of the important role of punctuation in sentences. Match the punctuation to e..
£11.99 ex vat
£14.39 inc vat
Reading Rods: Simple Sentence Kit
Begin building basic sentences with this popular hands-on kit! Children develop reading fluency, ..
£64.90 ex vat
£77.88 inc vat
Sentence Builder Flip Book
Level 1
Identifying parts of speech and building sentences Age: 6+ Double-sided 420 x 100mm flip book ..
from £13.99 ex VAT
£13.99 inc VAT
Snap Shots: Critical Thinking Photo Cards
Set 1Set 2
*Limited stock remaining - final reduction to clear* Encourage critical thinking with real-life p..
from £7.99 ex VAT
£9.59 inc VAT
Sound Bank Mirror
Limited stock remaining Large format mirrored surface recording device providing up to 30 seconds..
£37.99 £26.99 ex vat
£32.39 inc vat
Speaking Ideas Bank
Book ABook B
Limited stock remaining - final reduction to clear Developing effective oral language skills.&nbs..
from £5.99 ex VAT
£5.99 inc VAT
Starting Points for Grammar
By Cheryl L. Callighan. A variety of activities, hands-on projects and worksheets in this book wi..
£26.95 ex vat
£26.95 inc vat
Story Sparkers
Stimulate writing and discussion with these unique prompt cards!   500 different writi..
£15.10 ex vat
£18.12 inc vat
Story Spinners
Struggling for inspiration? Don't know what happens next? Here is a simple and innovative answer tha..
£11.99 ex vat
£14.39 inc vat
Story Starter Foam Cubes
Roll these soft foam cubes to get creative story writing started! Get students excited about stor..
£10.80 ex vat
£12.96 inc vat
Story Starter Photo Cards
These beautiful, thought provoking A6 size colour photographic cards will spark the imagination, and..
£17.99 ex vat
£21.59 inc vat