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Numeracy & Dyscalculia

A range of board games, spinner games, card games and other hands-on equipment for supporting maths work for all children, and especially those with dyscalculia and dyslexia. Also don't miss Steve Chinn's "What to do when you can't do maths" books for alternative ways of mastering maths facts.

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0-20 Functions Card Set
Includes mathematical signs for number sentence making Supplied in orange, blue, green and yell..
£5.95 ex vat
£7.14 inc vat
100 Bead String
High quality bead string, made from solid polished acrylic resin. Beads fit snugly on cord, en..
£3.95 ex vat
£4.74 inc vat
6 Maths Board Games Basic Set
Place Value to 100, Colour and Shape, Counting 1 - 100, Addition to 20, Subtraction from 10, Time (Y..
£24.99 ex vat
£29.99 inc vat
6 Maths Board Games Set 1
The four operations and other basic concepts, for older children. For ages 7+ Contains 6 games, 2..
£24.99 ex vat
£29.99 inc vat
6 Maths Board Games Set 2
More basic practice for older students. For ages 7+ Contains 6 games, 20 counters, a die and 3 sp..
£24.99 ex vat
£29.99 inc vat
Base Ten Set
This  Base Ten Set with interlocking pieces, colour-coded to match the rest of our place value ..
£12.50 ex vat
£15.00 inc vat
Brainbox Maths
These games are just brilliant for training recall and visual perception, plus the presentation is e..
£9.99 ex vat
£11.99 inc vat
Brainbox My First Maths
BrainBox my first maths is a fun way to get younger children engaging with basic mathematical concep..
£9.99 ex vat
£11.99 inc vat
Counting Rods
Beautifully made coloured counting rods from 1 to 10. Set of 126. Each rod is divided into 1cm in..
£15.59 ex vat
£18.71 inc vat
Football Maths Games CD
Product Description 58 award-winning board games covering basic maths skills and facts:  Num..
£29.16 ex vat
£34.99 inc vat
Hundred Squares
Double-sided grid (empty grid on reverse) Write-on, wipe-off surface for use with dry-wipe pens..
from £4.49 ex VAT
£5.39 inc VAT
Magnetic Fraction Builders
Colourful, durable, wipe-clean, magnetic foam fraction tiles! The circular pieces show how fracti..
£17.99 ex vat
£21.59 inc vat
Maths Comprehension Cards
Set 1Set 2Set 3Set 4Set 5Sets 1-5
Encourage students to put their maths skills to use by solving real-life problems presented in engag..
from £19.45 ex VAT
£23.34 inc VAT
Maths Games Bumper Kit
16 maths games and puzzles for fun reinforcement! Contents:   Maths board game sets: &..
£209.99 ex vat
£251.99 inc vat
Maths Games CD
Three original Crossbow card games on pdf files for you to print out as many as you want, spinner &n..
£6.99 ex vat
£8.39 inc vat
Multiples Dice Set
2 x 4-sided, 2 x 6-sided, 2 x 8-sided, 2 x 12-sided, 2 x 20-sided.  All dice 16mm. This dice..
£6.95 ex vat
£8.34 inc vat