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Dyslexia Specialists Since 1993

Numeracy & Dyscalculia

A range of board games, spinner games, card games and other hands-on equipment for supporting maths work for all children, and especially those with dyscalculia and dyslexia. Also don't miss Steve Chinn's "What to do when you can't do maths" books for alternative ways of mastering maths facts.

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Place Value Fan
Superb hundreds, tens & units place value fan Convenient & neat alternative to 'traditi..
from £3.95 ex VAT
£4.74 inc VAT
Place Value Flip Stands
Laminated for durability Emphasises the effect of changing one digit on the number re..
£5.95 ex vat
£7.14 inc vat
Place Value Mats
Ideal for use with Base Ten materials and Place Value Counters. Laminated for durability with a..
£9.90 ex vat
£11.88 inc vat
Place Value Single Student Kit
Get everything you need to help your student with place value with this single student kit. Conte..
£21.25 ex vat
£25.50 inc vat
Pop for Addition and Subtraction
Practise addition and subtraction skills with this entertaining grab-and-go game.  Watch out fo..
£7.55 ex vat
£9.06 inc vat
Rainbow Fraction Dominoes
Familiar game play to reinforce fractions!  This easy-to-play game is perfect for reinforcing w..
£7.55 ex vat
£9.06 inc vat
Snap Cubes
Plastic 2cm cubes in ten colours connect on all six sides. Easy for small hands to connect and twist..
£8.65 ex vat
£10.38 inc vat
Spot Frames to 10
Spot frames are a core manipulative for developing foundational concepts of number and a “sense of t..
from £3.95 ex VAT
£4.74 inc VAT
Square Counters
100 counters.  Use with the 100 square to explore area, equivalents etc. Counters are 2 cms ..
£3.95 ex vat
£4.74 inc vat
Stacking Counters
40 “poker chip” style stacking counters, colour-coded to match the place value mat and other maths r..
£5.95 ex vat
£7.14 inc vat
Step by Step Times Tables Fan
Convenient times table fan, colour-coded to emphasise related facts and encourage children to mak..
from £4.25 ex VAT
£5.10 inc VAT
Steve Chinn's Dyscalculia Toolkit
  This great value collection of multisensory resources provides you with a basic toolkit fo..
£109.95 ex vat
£131.94 inc vat
Time Activity Set
Everything you need to teach time to young learners!  Help young learners to master time tellin..
£14.05 ex vat
£16.86 inc vat
Time Dominoes
Familiar game play to reinforce telling the time!  This easy-to-play game is perfect for reinfo..
£7.55 ex vat
£9.06 inc vat
Times Tables for Sports Fans
A CD containing 72 sports themed times tables and division tables board games to print and play. &nb..
£29.16 ex vat
£34.99 inc vat
What to do when you can't... Add & Subtract
These books contain maths strategies by Steve Chinn and have fresh ideas, teaching tips and strategi..
£12.50 ex vat
£12.50 inc vat