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Dyslexia Specialists Since 1993

Numeracy & Dyscalculia

A range of board games, spinner games, card games and other hands-on equipment for supporting maths work for all children, and especially those with dyscalculia and dyslexia. Also don't miss Steve Chinn's "What to do when you can't do maths" books for alternative ways of mastering maths facts.

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Rainbow Fraction Dominoes
Familiar game play to reinforce fractions!  This easy-to-play game is perfect for reinforcing w..
£7.55 ex vat
£9.06 inc vat
10 Frames Blank Cards
*Limited stock remaining - final reduction to clear* Blank tens frames for children to show ‘f..
£2.95 £1.29 ex vat
£1.55 inc vat
Football Maths Games CD
Limited stock remaining 58 award-winning board games covering basic maths skills and facts:  ..
£29.16 £14.99 ex vat
£17.99 inc vat
Multiples Dice Set
2 x 4-sided, 2 x 6-sided, 2 x 8-sided, 2 x 12-sided, 2 x 20-sided.  All dice 16mm. This dice..
£6.95 ex vat
£8.34 inc vat