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Snap Shots: Critical Thinking Photo Cards
Set 1Set 2
Limited stock remaining Encourage critical thinking with real-life photos and engaging prompts. ..
from £5.00 ex VAT
£6.00 inc VAT
Sound Activities
Introductory LevelLevel 1 - Volume 1Level 1 - Volume 2Level 2 - Volume 1Level 2 - Volume 2Level 3Extension Exercises
Limited stock remaining  These enjoyable and stimulating books provide a fun way to give ess..
from £5.00 ex VAT
£5.00 inc VAT
Based on 1 reviews.
Sound Bank Mirror
Limited stock remaining Large format mirrored surface recording device providing up to 30 seconds..
£37.99 £5.00 ex vat
£6.00 inc vat
Speaking Ideas Bank
Book ABook B
Limited stock remaining Developing effective oral language skills.  The Speaking Ideas Ba..
from £5.00 ex VAT
£5.00 inc VAT
The Letter Sound Book
Limited stock remaining The Letter Sound Book provides a wide range of activities for developing ..
£17.99 £5.00 ex vat
£5.00 inc vat
The Magic-e Book
Limited stock remaining The Magic e Book uses a broad range of activities to teach the magic e ru..
£17.99 £5.00 ex vat
£5.00 inc vat
Tinted Exercise Books 9"x7" (15mm lined)
Colours available: Apple Green, Cream, Leaf Green, Orange, Rose, Purple, Salmon The notes in thei..
from £1.00 ex VAT
£1.20 inc VAT
Wordbuilder Card Game
Limited stock remaining Onset and rime wordbuilding card game with whole word chunks. This gam..
£6.99 £5.00 ex vat
£6.00 inc vat