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How to Dazzle at Spelling
*Limited stock remaining* How to Dazzle at... are Literacy Workbooks for older students. Unclutte..
£15.95 £10.99 ex vat
£10.99 inc vat
Hundred Squares - small
Limited stock   Double-sided grid (empty grid on reverse) Write-on, wipe-off surface..
£0.50 £0.40 ex vat
£0.48 inc vat
Hunt the Letter
*Limited stock remaining* Students search the page for everything that begins with the key letter..
£12.99 £8.99 ex vat
£8.99 inc vat
Keyword Lotto Letters and Sounds
Phase 2Phase 5Phases 3-4
Limited stock remaining. A dyslexia-friendly new set of lotto games for the letters and sounds Fi..
from £4.99 ex VAT
£5.99 inc VAT
Letter Sounds in Colour
LIMITED STOCK REMAINING - FINAL REDUCTION TO CLEAR Letter sounds in colour provides an alternativ..
£49.95 £17.99 ex vat
£21.59 inc vat
Letters & Sounds Phoneme Flip Stands
Phase 2Phase 3Phase 4Phase 5Phase 5 Split Digraphs
*Limited stock remaining* Build the words at each Phase of Letters and Sounds with these handy fl..
from £7.99 ex VAT
£7.99 inc VAT
Letters and Sounds Magnetic Word Activities
Phase 2Phase 3Phase 4Phase 5
*Limited stock remaining* Letters and Sounds Magnetic Word Activities: Are designed specifi..
from £14.99 ex VAT
£17.99 inc VAT
Listening Skills
Book 1: Year 1/2Book 2: Year 3/4
Limited stock remaining Listening Skills is a comprehensive three-book photocopiable series desig..
from £8.99 ex VAT
£8.99 inc VAT
Magneticks: All 5 Sets + 2 Templates
LIMITED STOCK REMAINING Magneticks consist of magnetic sentence strips to teach and practice comp..
£45.90 £19.99 ex vat
£23.99 inc vat
Message Discs
Limited stock remaining With just a little imagination these Message Discs can be used in a wide ..
from £8.99 ex VAT
£10.79 inc VAT
Picture Caption Matching
Phase 2 Set 2
Limited stock remaining These illustrated jigsaws will provide pupils with a bridge between the r..
from £5.99 ex VAT
£7.19 inc VAT
Picture Sentence Matching
Phase 4Phase 3 Set 1Phase 3 Set 2
Limited stock remaining Allow children to further extend their reading skills by giving them prac..
from £5.99 ex VAT
£7.19 inc VAT
Plot Blocks
*Limited stock remaining* Children will never get bored with this engaging literacy activity set ..
£32.40 £22.50 ex vat
£27.00 inc vat
Punctuation Police Frieze
Limited stock remaining Stop! Are you using question marks, full stops, commas and other forms of..
£8.99 £3.99 ex vat
£4.79 inc vat
Rory's Story Cubes Max
FINAL REDUCTION TO CLEAR 9 cubes, 54 images, 10,000,000 combos, infinite stories... Join all n..
£19.99 £7.99 ex vat
£9.59 inc vat
Sentence Substitution
Limited stock remaining This fun and engaging activity provides children with practice in reading..
from £4.99 ex VAT
£5.99 inc VAT