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Our phonics resources include decodable phonic readers, phonic games and a variety of other dyslexia-friendly phonics resources including synthetic phonics and onset and rime materials for phonological awareness.

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4 Synthetic Phonics Board Games: Phase 2
Sound-out, blend, segment and decode Phase 2 phonemes within real, non, tricky and high-frequency wo..
£24.99 ex vat
£29.99 inc vat
44 Sounds Cards
Cards provide an image for each of the 44 sounds to act as a mnemonic for learning. Borders are colo..
£14.99 ex vat
£17.99 inc vat
44 Sounds Desktop Chart
These individual desktop charts enable children to quickly access the various spelling patterns of t..
£11.99 ex vat
£14.39 inc vat
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44 Sounds Wall Chart
This giant poster will clearly be seen from anywhere in the classroom! Speech sounds are presented w..
from £19.99 ex VAT
£23.99 inc VAT
5 Synthetic Phonics Board Games: Phase 3
Progress from Phase 2 board games to 5 games covering Phase 3 consonants and consonant and vowel dig..
£24.99 ex vat
£29.99 inc vat
6 CVC and CVCC Spelling Board Games
This excellent new set of 6 board games teaches letter sound correspondences and early word building..
£24.99 ex vat
£29.99 inc vat
6 Synthetic Phonics Board Games: Phase 4
Further pupils knowledge of adjacent consonants, polysyllabic and high-frequency words for both read..
£24.99 ex vat
£29.99 inc vat
6 Synthetic Phonics Board Games: Phase 5
How many English spellings can there be for one speech sound?! Pupils will be sure to find out when ..
£24.99 ex vat
£29.99 inc vat
Alba Series
An exciting new series of 12 books for older readers with gaps in their phonic knowledge, aimed espe..
£45.00 ex vat
£45.00 inc vat
Alba Series Workbook
The workbook for the exciting new Alba series for older readers who have gaps in their phonic knowle..
£30.00 ex vat
£30.00 inc vat
Alpha to Omega Pelmanism Games
Incorproate this into your phonics lesson plan: A comprehensive pack of phonics games for teaching p..
£18.99 ex vat
£22.79 inc vat
Amber Guardians
Bridges the gap between structured and mainstream reading. With a higher ratio of text to illustrati..
£55.00 ex vat
£55.00 inc vat
Box Dictations
Book 1Book 2Book 3Books 1-3 Set
Box dictations are an effective way of providing visual support for spelling for children (and adult..
from £14.99 ex VAT
£14.99 inc VAT
Secure CCVC and CVCC spelling pattern knowledge through the use of this brilliant word building..
£17.99 ex vat
£21.59 inc vat
Chunk Stacker
Chunk Stacker is a challenging and stimulating word building game which will develop knowledge of wo..
£24.99 ex vat
£29.99 inc vat
CVC Activity cards
Set of 40 word building cards with picture and colour guides for use with Tri-Blocks® Tub. Child..
£14.99 ex vat
£17.99 inc vat