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The Magic Belt Series

The Magic Belt Series
The Magic Belt Series The Magic Belt Series The Magic Belt Series

The Magic Belt Series includes 12 Synthetic Phonics reading books for catch-up pupils aged 8-14. Aimed at older pupils who would benefit from starting a phonics programme from the very beginning, it combines clear phonic structure with exciting, engaging quest-like stories and illustrations.  

Starting at CVC word level, it progresses in small steps to CVCC, CCVC and CCVCC word levels and then introduces one consonant digraph at a time (ch, sh, th, ck, ng, wh, qu), allowing practice and consolidation at each level. A fantastic reading resource for older beginner readers, and an ideal resource for pupil premium funding.

Spelling Each Book Covers:

  • Book 1: cvc,cvcc
  • Book 2: cvcc
  • Book 3: cvcc
  • Book 4: cvcc & Suffix -ed
  • Book 5: ccvcc
  • Book 6: spelling 'ch' and 'tch'
  • Book 7: 'sh'
  • Book 8: th two sounds
  • Book 9: 'ck' and 'qu'
  • Book 10: 'ng'
  • Book 11: 'wh' and suffix -ing
  • Book 12: 'le'

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