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About Time
Supports children with telling the time in a hands-on, visual way.  Time fraction circles provi..
£12.10 ex vat
£14.52 inc vat
Anyone Can Spell It
Anyone Can Spell It is a show-and-tell book of tried-and-tested strategies for making spelling as st..
£24.99 ex vat
£24.99 inc vat
Coloured Wide-Screen Monitor Overlays
Aqua BlueSky BlueYellowGrass GreenCelery GreenJade GreenPinkMagentaPurpleOrangeGrey
You can change the background colour in your windows preferences, but you can't change the backgroun..
from £6.99 ex VAT
£8.39 inc VAT
Based on 9 reviews.
Connecting 10 Frame Trays
Reinforce early maths skills!  These connectible trays will help primary learners visualise the..
£21.60 ex vat
£25.92 inc vat
12x12 times tablesFraction/percentage/decimalAddition/subtractionStarter pack
Flexitables are multisensory, manipulative numeracy charts that help all children understand the bas..
from £15.00 ex VAT
£18.00 inc VAT
Grammar Activity Cards
Take the stress out of teaching grammar and punctuation with these easy to use laminated, write and ..
£24.99 ex vat
£29.99 inc vat
Grammar Frieze
Key Stage 1Key Stage 2
Simple explanations of each grammatical term in the UK curriculum are given on large 310 x 260mm pan..
from £8.99 ex VAT
£10.79 inc VAT
Helen Arkell Auditory Test
The HAAT is a very useful battery of informal tests designed to probe phonological awareness and bas..
£25.00 ex vat
£25.00 inc vat
Helen Arkell Spelling Test
The Helen Arkell Spelling Test (HAST-2) is a single word spelling test developed for teachers, speci..
£55.00 ex vat
£55.00 inc vat
Helen Arkell Spelling Test - FORM
A more detailed photocopiable Diagnostic Record Sheet, to be used with the Helen Arkell Spelling Tes..
£10.00 ex vat
£12.00 inc vat
Listening for Mistakes
Display one of the cards and discuss the image. Turn the card over and read one of the sentences. Ki..
£11.99 ex vat
£14.39 inc vat
Making Maths Visual and Tactile
A compendium of games and activities to teach key number skills. Judy Hornigold draws on her teac..
£14.00 ex vat
£14.00 inc vat
Monster Phonics - Foam Letter Set
Each set of magnetic letters (2 boxes) contains all of the graphemes, tricky letters and silent lett..
£38.00 ex vat
£45.60 inc vat
Pop for Addition and Subtraction
Practise addition and subtraction skills with this entertaining grab-and-go game.  Watch out fo..
£7.55 ex vat
£9.06 inc vat
Rainbow Fraction Dominoes
Familiar game play to reinforce fractions!  This easy-to-play game is perfect for reinforcing w..
£7.55 ex vat
£9.06 inc vat
Spelling Rules Frieze
Based on the same rules found in the Spelling Rules Directory, this large 8.4m frieze will be an inv..
£10.99 ex vat
£13.19 inc vat