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10 Frames Blank Cards
*Limited stock remaining* Blank tens frames for children to show ‘five-wise’ and ‘pairs-wise’ ..
from £1.75 ex VAT
£2.10 inc VAT
Activise Question & Answering
ActiVise Q&A MyMods Once users have purchased the ActiVise Q&A Software, they are able to..
from £12.99 ex VAT
£15.59 inc VAT
Adaptaboard: Basic Phonics
Limited stock remaining The Adaptaboard® Basic Phonics Board set  is a magnetic resource for..
£67.99 £29.99 ex vat
£35.99 inc vat
Alphabet Pathway Mats
Limited stock remaining A playful way to learn letter formation!  This set of 26 pathway ..
£25.00 £10.99 ex vat
£13.19 inc vat
Buried Treasure
Limited stock remaining Buried Treasure makes decoding so much fun! Work out whether the words on..
from £4.99 ex VAT
£5.99 inc VAT
CAP It All!
Limited Stock Remaining Pinpoints problems, probes for specific areas of weakness and points to s..
£35.00 £17.49 ex vat
£17.49 inc vat
Consonant Blends and Digraphs Strips
*Limited stock remaining* Photographic images make these suitable for use by older pupils. They c..
£20.99 £12.59 ex vat
£15.11 inc vat
CVC Magnetic Strips
*Limited stock remaining* These CVC strips can be used to support decoding and visual strategies ..
£20.99 £12.59 ex vat
£15.11 inc vat
Giant Foam Letters
*Limited stock remaining* Giant magnetic letters to support whole class phonics instruction. A..
£29.99 £17.99 ex vat
£21.59 inc vat
Reception - Year 2 (the basics)Years 3-4 (focus on spelling)Years 5-6 (speed and style)
*Limited stock remaining*. Teach handwriting skills that children can be proud of with this new h..
from £20.99 ex VAT
£20.99 inc VAT
Heavyweight Pen
*Limited stock remaining* A perfectly balanced & weighted ergonomic writing instrument that: ..
£17.95 £10.75 ex vat
£12.90 inc vat
Heavyweight Pencil
*Limited stock remaining* The increased weight of the Heavyweight Pencil increases feedback and p..
£17.95 £10.75 ex vat
£12.90 inc vat
*Limited stock remaining* Lead refills for the ergonomic Heavyweight Pencil. ..
£1.50 £0.75 ex vat
£0.90 inc vat
HiLo Reading Comprehension Cards
Set 2: Weird and Wonderful NatureSet 3: Sport and the Olympics
*Limited stock remaining* The great value, self-checking reading programme for reluctant readers!..
from £9.59 ex VAT
£11.51 inc VAT
How to Dazzle at Spelling
*Limited stock remaining* How to Dazzle at... are Literacy Workbooks for older students. Unclutte..
£15.95 £10.99 ex vat
£10.99 inc vat
Hundred Squares - small
Limited stock   Double-sided grid (empty grid on reverse) Write-on, wipe-off surface..
£0.50 £0.40 ex vat
£0.48 inc vat