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Zebras Spell Really Well by Sarah Cowell

Zebras Spell Really Well by Sarah Cowell
Zebras Spell Really Well by Sarah Cowell Zebras Spell Really Well by Sarah Cowell Zebras Spell Really Well by Sarah Cowell Zebras Spell Really Well by Sarah Cowell Zebras Spell Really Well by Sarah Cowell Zebras Spell Really Well by Sarah Cowell Zebras Spell Really Well by Sarah Cowell Zebras Spell Really Well by Sarah Cowell Zebras Spell Really Well by Sarah Cowell

Author: Sarah Cowell (Dip SpLD, Hornsby SpLD APC, Patoss)

The two books (available separately) combine to teach spelling rules from alphabetical awareness to most common double vowel sounds via the included worksheets. The work sheets are designed for busy tutors to use as necessary for varying pupils’ needs or for parents to support their children at home.

Book 1: ‘zebras spell really well’ Spelling Programme 1, extended and up dated for September 2016

ISBN: 978-0-9926656-0-9

  • Now Includes 90+ A4  copiable  worksheets and 10 pages of alphabet letters and blends flashcards to cut out and use alongside the worksheets for multi-sensory learning.
  • Initial spelling tests provides a starting point.
  • Moves from letter to sound awareness right though to words including initial and integral silent letters and  words ending in ‘ight’ having explained  present and past tense verb spellings along the way.
  • Includes quizzes and sentence fill-ins to assess uptake as the programme continues.
  • Suitable across ages including adult early literacy

Book 2 ‘How to read and spell words with double vowel sounds’ Spelling Programme 2, extended and updated for September 2016

ISBN: 978-0-9926656-1-6

  • Now includes 80+ copiable A4 worksheets and 10 pages of double vowel flashcards to promote multi-sensory learning.
  • Initial Spelling Test provides a starting point.
  • This programme moves on to focus very precisely on all the double vowels that have many differing sounds depending on their place in words.
  • Starting with more simple words including ‘ee’ sounds and gradually taking the learner through all the permutations of for example, ‘ow’ and ‘ua’.
  • Imagery and sentence and passage fill-ins exercise the pupil’s skill. Homophones, homographs and homonyms highlighted all the way through.
  • Suitable across ages including adult literacy     

Book 3: Primary Grammar Workbook

ISBN: 978-0-9926656-5-4

  • Printed on 120 gm ivory paper to reduce glare
  • 7 Page glossary of grammatical Terms
  • 95 Worksheets (copiable)
  • Suitable for parents to use to support children at home
  • Ideal tool for schools and tutors to use in 1-1 tuition working through the key Stage 2 curriculum, which has become quite demanding, see the latest span of topics covered!
  • Also ideal for foundation skill work across age groups

This book covers:

  • Auxiliary Verbs, Different Spellings of the Simple Past Tense, Irregular past tenses, Perfect and Pluperfect tenses, Active/Passive Voice Common Nouns Abstract Nouns-Proper Nouns- Definite and Indefinite Articles-Adjectives- Antonyms-Synonyms-Comparatives-Superlatives-Determiners-Personal Pronouns-Subject Pronouns-Object Pronouns- Possessive Pronouns-Possessive Adjectives-Relative Pronouns-Interrogative Pronouns-Reflexive Pronouns-Determining Pronouns-Indefinite Pronouns-Plurals-Collective Nouns-Irregular Nouns-Compound Nouns- Noun Phrases- Modal Verbs-Contractions-Prepositions -Adverbs-Adverbials-Clauses-Subordinate and Relative Clauses-Prefixes & Suffixes & Latin & Greek derivations-Homophones and Homonyms and finally. 
  • 5 ruled pages for Free Writing.

Additional Workbook: Homophones

ISBN: 978-0-9926656-3-0

This book has 57 pages of worksheets + 4 page addendum, it is A4 sized on 160 gms photocopiable paper.

  • Initial 2 page picture stimulus homophone word choice test to assess competency.
  • The book covers many high frequency homophones and is suitable for use across age groups.
  • Encourages pupils to use the homophones in sentences and free writing.
  • Includes flashcard homophone game for laminating to make learning more fun and multi-sensory.
  • Includes three pages of mixed homophones to place in sentences, to assess assimilation.
  • Works as a book and scheme on its own and also fully integrates with the first 2 books in the series: zebras spell really well and How to Read and Spell Words with Double Vowel Sounds.
  • Includes two pages for the pupil to create their own homophone list.
  • Great for all ages and very useful as revision for Key Stage 2 and Common Entrance and 11 plus exams.

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