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A great multi-sensory resource for alphabet work: re-positionable, multi-surface adhesion sandpaper letters with  illustrated learning board.

This set of 26 sandpaper letters use multi-stick technology so that they can be applied to the learning board (included) or other surfaces such as a whiteboard. Place letters in their correct sequence for learning the alphabet or simple word building. Can also be used with crayons for rubbing activities. Letters are colour-coded, with consonants in blue and vowels in red.

Suitable for Ages 3+.

Description for parents (from a home-educating parent)

Good old Montessori, had some fab ideas and sandpaper letters are one of them.  These are the modern, convenient version in bright colours with a multi-surface sticky back. Trace them with fingers, do crayon rubbings with them, stick them on the fridge while you clean the kitchen and talk about the letter.  Little ones are such hands on learners and things like this really help letters to sink in.

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