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Lucid's easy-to-use computerised Visual Stress Screener represents a scientific breakthrough in objective identification of people (ages 7 to adult) who are susceptible to visual stress when reading.

Lucid ViSS gives an accurate and reliable indication of the existence and severity of visual stress and predicts those who should benefit from using coloured overlays or tinted lenses to combat the symptoms of visual stress.

Speedy and easy to use:
Lucid ViSS is delivered entirely by the computer and requires minimal supervision. The screening test, which is in the form of a word search game, takes 20 - 30 minutes. The results show clearly the degree of difficulty that the person experienced with the visually stressful items relative to the visually unstressful items.

Easy but comprehensive reporting:

The ViSS reports module shows the extent to which the person's performance was disrupted by visually stressful stimuli. A graphical scale of susceptibility to visual stress - from 'low' to 'extremely high' - makes it easy to interpret the results. A full statistical analysis is also shown.

A full individual item analysis can be accessed, making ViSS a very suitable tool for research.

After screening with ViSS:
The Administrator's Manual gives guidance on appropriate action after screening.

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