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A collection of six games that are all basic without being childish, designed particularly with the cognitive differences of dyslexic children in mind. The card games also feature in the "Playing with Words" kits.


  • Initial Blends.  A brilliant dyslexia-friendly combination of cards and letter-dice for building words beginning with consonant blends. Dyslexic children who struggle with phonics often find that this way of splitting words into beginning and ending "chunks" (it's called "onset and rime") is helpful. The spellings are simple, but this was a favourite with Bob's Y9 and Y10 students.
  • Strike. Another of Bob's dyslexia-friendly card games. Like "Uno," this is based on the game "Black Jack." It consists entirely of 3-letter words that only have consonants that can be reversed - like b/d, p/g etc. Great fun for any age
  • Wordbuilder The "You Lose" card turns this beginnings and endings word chunk game into a real winner! Bob's students loved it, and many more have since. All the end chunks (the "rimes") are whole words, which children with dyslexia often recognised visually.
  • Deebees and Queen peas Two games that just focus on letters that are often reversed: one for b/d; one for p/q. Very visual, and lots of fun.
  • Chunk Stacker This is another excellent "Onset and Rime" game for dyslexic students of all ages. A bit like the commercial "Upwords", but in chunks. 
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