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Alpha Arrow follows Letters and Sounds Phase 2, and also includes consonant digraphs ch, ck, sh, th. It Has:

  • Unique phonic arrows provide multisensory reinforcement for blending.
  • Wide variety of motivating word and sentence level activities.
  • Progressive introduction of sounds in line with L&S units.
  • Attractive, child-friendly illustrations, also available to download separately and use in  teacher-created material.
  • Interactive whiteboard arrows for whole class use.
  • Dyslexia-friendly layout with tinted word backgrounds and "boxes" letter shapes.
  • Additional blank arrows for spares and custom use.
  • For children needing additional material at KS2, or for whole class teaching.
  • Also ideal for home use.
  • Alpha Arrows includes word level and sentence level activities, and is ideal for children who need to move more gradually through the phonic progression, with a high level of structured multisensory input to teach and reinforce blending skills. The final activity is based on a single page text level story, giving children a real sense of "I can read" satisfaction.

The Alpha Arrows kit includes:

  • 101 - page photocopiable workbook.
  • 2 sets of 68 (136 arrows in all)  durable blending arrows, including two alphabets, digraphs and blank arrows for spares.
  • Pdf file of workbook forprinting pages on demand.
  • Interactive whiteboardarrows.
  • JPEG files of all the images (approx 120) used in the kit, for you to download and use in your own activity sheets.
  • Additional arrows can also be purchased.
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