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Yes We Can Read is a fun new phonics-based programme to develop reading for meaning.  Anyone who can read fluently can teach a non or poor reader to read in six months or less.  No training or other qualifications are required. One to one is the key!

With its unique photo-alphabet, well-spaced text and easy-to-read font, this programme is ideal for learners with Dyslexia.

Transform the life of your school and build community cohesion. Learning Support Assistants, peer coaches, parents and volunteers will want to join the coaching reading adventure.

If you can read, and have some spare time and a willing learner then you can give the life-long gift of reading to your child, or a friend, a relative, a workmate, your neighbour - to anyone!  The two of you just need this book and a couple of hours a week for a few months. 

For learners aged 8 to 80... who will you teach to read?

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