Playing With Words Extended Kit KS1

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A  collection of seven games for 2-4 players covering a range of reading and spelling targets. The content is all covered by the end of Y2, but the three card games marked with* below were designed and used by Bob with dyslexic teenagers, so older members of the family can also have fun joining in.


  • Pop! for sight Words.  A simple, fast-moving game to help children gain fluency in recognising high-frequency words.
  • Initial Blends*.  A brilliant combination of cards and letter-dice for building words beginning with consonant blends. The spellings are simple, but this was a favourite with Bob's Y9 and Y10 students!
  • Strike*. Another of Bob's card games. Like "Uno," this is based on the game "Black Jack." It consists entirely of 3-letter words that only have consonants that can be reversed - like b/d, p/g etc. Great fun for any age
  • Go Plural. A ludo-style pair of board games (on a double-sided board) that teach and reinforce the rules for spelling plurals. Age range around 6-9.
  • Wordbuilder* The "You Lose" card turns this beginnings and endings word chunk game into a real winner! Bob's students loved it, and many more have since.
  • Vowel Digraph Triplets A fast-moving game for collecting sets of vowel digraph words. Go Fish! can also be played with these cards.

Description for Parents (from a home-educating parent)

Need to cook tea, but feeling guilty that you haven’t done any “literacy stuff” with the younger ones?  Give one of these games to an older child and get them to play it with a smaller sibling-result!  Ok, realistically that only works one time in 3, but the point is that these are games with content which is all covered by Y2, but they have decent playing value.  They are actually fun because were mostly designed by Bob to coax recalcitrant teenagers into reading and nobody fools a stroppy fifteen year old by telling them that matching pairs is a “game”! 

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