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A  collection of six games for 2-4 players covering a range of reading and spelling targets. The content is all covered by the end of Y2, but the three card games marked with* below were designed and used by Bob with dyslexic teenagers, so older members of the family can also have fun joining in.


  • Initial Blends*.  A brilliant combination of cards and letter-dice for building words beginning with consonant blends. The spellings are simple, but this was a favourite with Bob's Y9 and Y10 students!
  • Strike*. Another of Bob's card games. Like "Uno," this is based on the game "Black Jack." It consists entirely of 3-letter words that only have consonants that can be reversed - like b/d, p/g etc. Great fun for any age
  • Go Plural. A ludo-style pair of board games (on a double-sided board) that teach and reinforce the rules for spelling plurals. Age range around 6-9.
  • Wordbuilder* The "You Lose" card turns this beginnings and endings word chunk game into a real winner! Bob's students loved it, and many more have since.
  • Vowel Digraph Triplets A fast-moving game for collecting sets of vowel digraph words. Go Fish! can also be played with these cards.
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