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Supports children with telling the time in a hands-on, visual way.  Time fraction circles provide a hands-on, visual representation of units of time to help young learners with telling the time, identifying intervals of time and understanding elapsed time.

• This all-inclusive kit contains everything you need to teach a variety of time telling skills:

  • Read the time
  • Set times
  • Visualise the relationship between intervals of time up to one hour
  • Time equivalencies
  • Elapsed time

• Set of 36 includes:

  • Seven whole hour circles
  • One half hour circle
  • One quarter of an hour circle
  • One third of an hour circle
  • One sixth of an hour circle
  • One twelfth of an hour circle
  • Wipe-clean 24-hour clock activity card with moveable hands
  • Wipe-clean elapsed time number line
  • Multilingual activity guide

• Plastic time fraction circles feature the written fraction on one side and a pictorial representation on the other
• Unique time fraction circles work alongside the analogue clock
• Time number line extends the learning to adding and subtracting time, elapsed time and problem solving with time
• Number line features spaces to enter the corresponding written time
• Time number line measures 72cm L x 16cm H
• Time circles measure 8.5cm D
• Features multilingual packaging

Ages 6-10

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