Number Smart Kit One

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Number Smart Kits offer a range of multi-sensory activities to meet key learning objectives for the Primary Years in Number and Place Value, effective calculation and problem solving.  

Count, explore, calculate, position and order numbers to 10 and then 20 with this innovative selection of multisensory games and resources contained within a handy Gratnells storage tray. Decompose, combine, add and subtract numbers during these self-contained, multisensory games and activities to secure a foundation of key maths concepts.

Additional teaching ideas in the Teaching Ideas Manual. 

Kit contents:

  • Number Links to 20 (addition & subtraction)
  • Calculating Critters (decomposing & doubling)
  • Lots of Wheels (repeated addition)
  • Number Streets (positioning and ordering)
  • Counting Kingdoms (counting & combining)
  • Hide and Seek Bonds (number bonds to 10)
  • Counting Smart Ball
  • 1-20 Number Frieze
  • 6 x Double-sided 1-10 number track whiteboards
  • Number Smart Teaching Ideas Manual

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