Memory Booster: Home Edition

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Memory Booster helps children to acquire effective learning strategies, developing flexible verbal and visual memory skills through fun activities. Pooter the master computer has lost his memory and needs help to recover it. Cartoon rewards and encouragements using humorous graphics help keep children highly motivated and on task.

Memory Booster featues the voise of Brain Blessed and has six levels, with each level teaching a different memory strategy. As the task gets more difficult, the programme encourages the child to vary their strategies and to find which ones work best.

It does not require teacher supervision, and automatically adapts to each child's rate of learning, freeing up teacher time and making it ideal for home use.

Memory Booster Home Edition:

Allows up a maximum of four players and has fewer features than the standard edition. This edition of the program runs in automatic adaptivity mode only; but this is an ideal solution for home use, at reduced cost.

Memory Booster is also available in a standard edition for educational use.

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