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Onset and rime word-building card game with whole word chunks.

This game includes and, ear, ash, oil, ark - 42 common “building block” words  and ‘extra go’ option cards combine to make hundreds more words in this addictive spelling strategy game. If I play a You Lose! card, you miss a go - but I need to keep at least one otherwise I can’t win the game!

Entertaining for all players age 6 to adult and particularly useful for anybody who will benefit from using whole word chunks as one of their spelling strategies.

Parents Description (from a home-educating parent)

A simple but well-thought out game getting children to match up different parts of words and recognise patterns within words. It is based on the old playing card favourite “black jack with the added dubious pleasure of getting to play the “you lose!” card – my children tend to add that charming gesture made with the right thumb and forefinger on the forehead for added effect.

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