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Rime Read uses a structured, cumulative approach to language through word family acquisition, and thus is particularly successful with dyslexic learners. It offers late readers the advantage of:

  • "Proper", funny stories, providing a rich reading experience while limiting vocabulary to a carefully structured phonological approach.
  • Plenty of humorous illustration.
  • Clear text and presentation.
  • Well-designed, uncluttered activity sheets, to be used alongside one story page at a time.
  • Word lists for each rime family introduced.
  • Story sequencing section.
  • Story reconstruction booklet pages.

Book 1 contains three stories: (ISBN no: 978-1-90089-103-5)

  • STAN'S PETS: at an ad ag ap et eg it in ip ig ot og op um un up ud ub ug
  • MICK'S JOB: ack ick eck  ock ank unk ink
  • JILL'S BAD DAY: ash ush est ust ill ell

Book 2 contains three stories: (ISBN no: 978-1-90089-113-4)

  • THE SCHOOL PARTY: ool oom oon oot eed eel een eep eet
  • CAMPING: amp imp ump ing ay
  • THE DATE: ate eat ame ale ake

Book 3 contains three stories: (ISBN no: 978-1-86968-318-4)

  • DINNER FOR NINE: oke ote ide ine ice
  • MEETING THE TRAIN: ail ain aw
  • THE HARE are ire ore ight



The paper used to create these books has been purchased through the Carbon Capture Programme and has helped to contribute to over 53,000 trees being planted throughout the UK.

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