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Flat or sloping - create a convenient magnetic workspace for each child’s desk!

Mag-Mat is a revolutionary new concept in magnetic desktop workspace for the classroom. Mag-Mat’s unique suction technology means it will grip any suitable surface, like a desk or writing slope, or even a window, where it can be left whether it is in use or not, without interfering with other activities. It can also be moved to stick somewhere else! Mag-Mat’s slim profile and strong adhesion properties mean it doesn’t interfere with any books, folders or equipment that a child uses for other activities. It just stays put, literally as part of the furniture, until it’s time to give out the magnetic letters or dry-erase pens again.

At only £5.49 for an individual mat – down to £4.67 each if you buy a class pack – a convenient, repositionable magnetic space on any desk area becomes very affordable!

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