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Are you a teacher helping a young person with Dyslexia?

Use SprintPlus on your Windows PC or laptop to support literacy development and making text accessible for all.
Use with the student to develop stronger reading and spelling skills:
  • Read out text by word, sentence, or phonetically using coloured text to show what is being read out
  • Homophone detection
  • Phonetic word prediction e.g. Photograph, not Fotograph
  • Highlight text with different colours and summarise function
Use Sprint Plus to: develop study tools for use in Foreign Modern Language learning:
  • Produce MP3 recordings of vocab lists in English and a second language
  • Auto language detection when scanning text into a PDF for reading out
Use Sprint PLus to help with reading and writing:

SprintPlus can be used on your Windows PC or Tablet to read ANY selectable text in ANY program – Text on websites, in emails and on social networks is much more accessible with SprintPlus.

Use Sprint Plus as an ‘add-on’ to Microsoft Word to:
  • Do your own personal proof reading - Read out all written text using a natural voice and coloured text to show what is being read out
  • Use the right homophones with the homophone checker
  • Improve reading comprehension - Highlight text with different coloured markers and use the summarise tool
  • Use word prediction with phonetic support e.g. type ‘Fotograph’ but predicts ‘Photograph’
Use Sprint Plus to:
  • Access teaching materials prepared in PDF format
  • Annotate teaching materials and send changes back to your teacher
  • Use SprintPlus to support Modern Foreign Language learning
  • Listen to PDF based books being read out with a natural voice
How to read out text within Microsoft Word using SprintPlus:

Homophone detection using SprintPlus:

How to make sense of a Google search using SprintPlus:

How to read out text in a web browser using SprintPlus:

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