Aravis Dyslexia Friendly Font Aravis Dyslexia Friendly Font
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Aravis Dyslexia Friendly Font

Aravis Dyslexia Friendly Font: Website Licence

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This versions is for use on websites, for desktop use, please see our desktop licence version here

About Aravis Font:

  • Crossbow’s house font,  used throughout our catalogue and website.
  • Our mission has been to create a font that is scientifically designed to be dyslexia friendly while also being attractive and useful.
  • Amazingly easy on the eye; designed to draw the reader in with minimal brain bandwidth used to enable more focus on the content.
  • International font with over 1500 characters with all 72 latinate languages.
  • Includes: maths symbols, small capitals, some ‘wingdings’ (ticks, smiley faces etc).

Dyslexia features include:

  • Each letter is unique even if reversed or flipped. 
  • The spacing is carefully designed using scientific evidence to help all readers from those who read via word shapes to those who read using phoneme and syllables. 
  • The Visual Stress caused by pattern glare is minimised in comparison to other common fonts when measured by professionals.
  • Mid-sized font to make it easy to convert artwork from common fonts. This is very helpful when providing reasonable adjustments for students with Dyslexia. 
  • Based on algorithms found in nature.

How a school can use a dyslexia friendly font:

  • Create inclusive dyslexia friendly worksheets that can be used for all students not just students with dyslexia.
  • Have dyslexia friendly leaflets, letters and all other publications printed.
  • Make your school website more accessible with font types for websites available. 


  • WOFF and WOFF2 font files.

For commercial and publishing use, please contact Crossbow Education.

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