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Dyslexia Specialists Since 1993

About Us

We are a family business, started in 1992 by SEN teacher Bob Hext, who was finding that the games he devised to teach his dyslexic students were more effective than many of the published materials available at the time.

The parent Company is based in the UK.  Since we patented the Eye Level Reading Ruler in 2005, Crossbow has become the UK brand leader for visual stress products, with reading rulers and/or overlays in over 60% of the schools and colleges in the country.

As well as our own publications we sell a wide selection of resources from other publishers, representing what we feel to be the best multisensory resources suitable for dyslexia teaching support in the UK. Our USA branch carries a smaller range, concentrating on visual stress resources and the SEN range from Phonic Books.

Why Crossbow?

The Crossbow logo has its origin in our (Bob and Anne's) Christian faith. We believe that the symbols of the Cross and the Rainbow stand for the most powerful, life-changing truths on this earth: broadly, "Jesus died in my place, (for my sins)", and "God keeps His promises". We try to run the company in a manner that is true to our Christian principals, in the belief that Christ is our ultimate "boss". We sincerely hope that this translates into a positive experience for you.



GESS Education Awards

SEN Resource/Equipment Supplier of the Year 2016 


Education Resources Awards

Supplier of the Year 2012 & 2013 

SEN Product of Year (non-ICT) 2014 - The Visual Stress Collection


Crossbow Education is a member of BESA.