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Pencil Grips

Pencil grips are the simplest of writing aids, but can be very effective in supporting handwriting. Available in a huge selection of colours, styles, materials and designs, we have pencil grips to suit any and every need.

Try a selection of our whole range in our Essential Pencil Grip Kit or choose from one of our individual pencil grips. From the Cross-Guard Ultra pencil grip and the Soft Squooshi pencil grip, to the Dolphin pencil grip and the Claw pencil grip, our handwriting aids can help correct and support a range of different writing problems. 

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Essential Pencil Grip Kit
Looking to test out a bunch of different pencil grips? Look no further! Our essential pencil grip..
£13.99 ex vat
£16.79 inc vat
Stegosaurus Grip
The Stegosaurus grip has all the advantages of specific indents for each finger and is complete..
from £6.99 ex VAT
£8.39 inc VAT
Based on 1 reviews.
Dolphin Grip
One of our most fun pencil grips available, the dolphin pencil grip is made from a soft silicone mat..
from £5.99 ex VAT
£7.19 inc VAT
Classic Grip (Right Hand)
Gently aids in the formation of a good grip. The softness helps children who hold too tight.   ..
from £5.49 ex VAT
£6.59 inc VAT
Classic Grip (Left Hand)
Looking for a left-handed pencil grip? Look no further, our Classic pencil grip is designed specific..
from £5.49 ex VAT
£6.59 inc VAT
Based on 1 reviews.
Squooshi Grip
Our sparkling new squooshi pencil grip not only looks fantastic, but also helps with handwriting iss..
from £4.99 ex VAT
£5.99 inc VAT
Write Grip
The Write pencil grip is ideal for developing the tripod finger position in children. It's simila..
£2.89 ex vat
£3.47 inc vat
Soft Triangular Grip
Standard SizeLarge Size
Our most popular pencil grip, now made from a softer material! This easy to use, triangle pencil ..
from £3.29 ex VAT
£3.95 inc VAT
Based on 1 reviews.
Comfort Grip
The comfort pencil grip is a soft pencil grip designed for small and less able fingers. As it's made..
from £3.19 ex VAT
£3.83 inc VAT
Based on 1 reviews.
Skittle Grip
Made from flocked foam, the skittle pencil grip is soft and comfortable to use. The contoured sha..
from £3.19 ex VAT
£3.83 inc VAT
Cross Guard Ultra Grip
The Cross Guard Ultra pencil grip is specially shaped to provide a special finger guard. This fin..
£7.99 ex vat
£9.59 inc vat
Based on 1 reviews.
Ridged Comfort Grip
The ridged pencil grip helps to improve the hold of those who grip their pencil too tightly. Made..
from £2.99 ex VAT
£3.59 inc VAT
Ultra Grip
The ultra pencil grip is a larger, softer pencil grip; offering extra control and comfort. The in..
£7.99 ex vat
£9.59 inc vat
Large Soft Triangular Grip
The large version of the Soft Triangular Grip which fits a pencil of 9.2 mm diameter. ..
from £3.49 ex VAT
£4.19 inc VAT
Large Ultra
The large ultra pencil grip has extra support and control. Contains 5x Large Ultra Pencil Grips ..
£12.99 ex vat
£15.59 inc vat
The Handiwriter
The handiwriter is a must have tool for helping to develop handwriting and positioning. The elast..
£5.30 ex vat
£6.36 inc vat
Based on 1 reviews.