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Visual Stress

The Crossbow Visual Stress range was named SEN Product of the year at BESA's UK Educational Resources Awards in 2014.
The Eye Level Reading Ruler was a finalist for Educational Product of the Year at the GESS (Global Educational Supplies and Services) awards in March 2017.

Visual stress is a common condition of the visual cortex which is often experienced by people with dyslexia, but is a separate and distinct condition. Apparent movement and distortion of text, headaches and sore eyes are common symptoms of visual stress. Coloured overlays can improve reading experience for about 20% of the population. For a recent (2014) summary of research into the condition, see the Frontiers in Psychology review article here. Visual stress has some common misnomers, particularly "Scotopic sensitivity" (which suggests that it is a condition of the retina and not the visual cortex), and "visual dyslexia", which confuses the cognitive processing (dylexia) with visual processing (visual stress). Visual stress will create extra difficulties for a dyslexic person by making words hard to decipher, but once a reading ruler or overlay has made them visually clearer they still need to be decoded, and that is where dyslexia causes its problems..


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