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Activity Generators

A halfway house between "ready-made" and totally DIY. Here are many games, worksheets and activities to be printed out, copied and customised; so if on Sunday night you feel like planning some activities to "have up your sleeve" for the rest of the week, these are for you.

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About Time
Supports children with telling the time in a hands-on, visual way.  Time fraction circles provi..
£12.10 ex vat
£14.52 inc vat
Alpha to Omega Pelmanism Games
Incorproate this into your phonics lesson plan: A comprehensive pack of phonics games for teaching p..
£18.99 ex vat
£22.79 inc vat
Boxes Font
*The Boxes Font is only compatable with Windows. Children love writing in boxes! The Boxes word s..
from £14.99 ex VAT
£17.99 inc VAT
Clear Spinner
Approximately 4.5 ins square, this device enables you to make a spinner game out of anything!  ..
from £4.49 ex VAT
£5.39 inc VAT
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Learning Games and Puzzles + CD
Whether you have already discovered the benefits of teaching through games but you're scratching you..
£14.99 ex vat
£14.99 inc vat
Letters and Sounds Activity Cards
50 Letters & Sounds Activities is a set of 50 double-sided activities cards for teaching synthet..
£14.99 ex vat
£17.99 inc vat
Multi-stick sandpaper letters
A great new multisensory resource for alphabet work: re-positionable, multi-surface adhesion sandpap..
£14.99 ex vat
£17.99 inc vat
Rime Read
Book 1Book 2Book 3Books 1-3 Set
Rime Read uses a structured, cumulative approach to language through word family acquisition, and th..
from £13.95 ex VAT
£13.95 inc VAT
Time Activity Set
Everything you need to teach time to young learners!  Help young learners to master time tellin..
£14.05 ex vat
£16.86 inc vat