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Introduce children to reading or reinforce other programmes with this unique and simple series of 8 books. The books burst with real-life and vivid images that keep young learners engaged. 

Uses a unique blending method for step-by-step reading
Colour-coded over-sized text with a child-friendly font
Real-life and vivid engaging images
Helps easily-distracted children maintain focus
Teaching guidance included

Sold as a complete set of eight books

Teach Primary magazine said:
"This is a wonderfully creative collection of eight child-friendly paperback books devoted to helping pupils develop their reading skills.. Vibrant tones are used strategically and purposefully to draw children's attention to a particular pattern or word feature, making each page very exciting and engaging....The clever use of colour is set alongside superb real-life photographs which children will really identify with. Page after page, these photos are contemporary top-quality images that are so good you can almost touch them... It might be tempting to pitch these resources at very young readers but there is plenty of word challenge here, making them suitable for a range of learners... This is a highly accessible set of resources which represents extremely good value for money."

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