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Packed full of fun ideas and games to teach many subjects at home or school. 

Suitable for all ages from KS1 to adult. 

We all know that simple ideas work best, and there's nothing complicated in any of these pages: just basic principles that can be applied to many areas of teaching (not just literacy and numeracy, but history, geography, science etc), templates to adapt, and some complete games to get you started.

The complete games included cover: spelling, syllabification + compound words, homophones, visual memory, times tables, reversal problems, sentence building, and more.

Strategies covered in the book are suitable for all ages from KS1 to adult and include pairs games, variations on bingo and lotto and card games like Whist, Rummy, "Go Fish", "Racing Demon" etc. as well as spinner, dice and board games; and dedicated sections on maths games, and teaching with codes and puzzles.

Whether you have already discovered the benefits of teaching through games but you're scratching your heads for fresh ideas, or if you want to use games in your teaching but don't know where to start, this book by Bob Hext is for you.

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