Using overlays and reading rulers

Using your coloured overlay:

1) Just place the overlay over the page. You may find it preferable to cut your overlay down to A5 size if you normally use if for reading books as opposed to larger printed sheets. Feel free to touch the overlay when reading if you need to.

2) Try both the matt and the glossy side to see which side you prefer, and use the side you like best.

3) Position the text and arrange lighting to avoid reflections on the overlay surface, especially if the glossy side is preferred for use.

4) Use the overlay as often as you like, wherever it is helpful

5) There may not be a difference straight away as the improvement may only show after 10 minutes or so of reading, when fatigue would normally have set in. Your experience will vary depending on lighting conditions, style and size of print etc.

Care of your coloured overlay:

1) Care should be taken, since coloured overlays can scratch and the colours wear off. For example, don't slide them across the desk or table, as they may pick up a small piece of grit underneath which may damage the surface.

2) To keep your overlay free from creases, be careful how you pick it up, and don't let it flap around.

3) Try to keep your overlay in a sturdy envelope when not in use.

4) Use a soft clean cloth to clean, using just soapy water. Do not use window cleaner or methylated spirit on your coloured overlay.

Reading Rulers

If you are using the "Duo" Eye Level Reading Ruler (with the two transparent edges and the opaque central area) use whichever edge works best: for single lines, use the narrow edge; for scanning ahead, use the broad edge.

The Plain Window Reading Rulers have a matt and a gloss side: as with the larger coloured overlays, use whichever side is preferred.

For care of the rulers the same principles apply as for larger coloured overlays, although they are not so prone to creasing.