Dyslexia Explained

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The brilliant new illustrated book from Nessy to help children understand their dyslexia. Great for parents and teachers to read with their students.

‘Dyslexia Explained’ helps parents, carers and non-specialist teachers to understand dyslexia: the positives, the difficulties, and what helps. After reading the book, it can be used to help explain dyslexia to the child.

Dyslexia causes low self esteem. It makes learning to read and write much harder. Every person with dyslexia needs to find the mental strength to get through school. The first step on that journey is to understand dyslexia and rediscover the self belief and determination to succeed.

People with dyslexia tend to think in pictures rather than words, so illustrations are used to explain each point.

“It so clear and easy to understand.” (Sharon Washbourn)
“It is truly brilliant.”  (Kimberly Antos-Hogan. Ph.D)
“Love the book. It is terrific.”  (Liz Dunoon. Dyslexia Daily)