Educational Resources Awards

Organised by Brilliant Marketing Solutions and The British Educational Suppliers Association (BESA), The Education Resources Awards (ERA) began in 1999, and are now firmly established as the premier annual event to celebrate outstanding success for the suppliers and teaching professionals of the education sector throughout the UK.

The awards highlight and reward the quality and diversity of educational products, resources, services and people as well as the best educational establishments and the most dedicated members of the teaching profession. The ERA’s aims to encourage the raising of educational services & product standards throughout the industry and is recognised throughout the sector as the Accolade of excellence.

There are 18 award categories, covering a variety of curriculum areas, ICT and non ICT. Suppliers are divided into three categories: under £1m turnover p/a, £1-10m p/a, and over £10m. Whether a supplier provides furniture, drumkits, playground equipment, books, sports equipment or software - if a school buys from them, they are in - and since this is the Education Industry Oscars, everybody wants to be in. The awards are judged by a board of independent professionals, among whom are teachers, advisors and education consultants.

Crossbow was first honoured in 2006, when our Eye Level Reading Ruler was a finalist (read "Oscar nomination") for the SEN product of the year (non-ICT) category. We won this category in 2014, for our Visual Stress Collection: the range of overlays, reading rulers, tinted exercise books and the Visual Stress Assessment Pack that comprises our non-ICT set of resources for visual stress relief. The criteria for this award are:

  • The innovative nature of the resource
  • The impact on learning and the work of the teacher in the classroom, to what extent and in which areas
  • How the resource supports or enhances the everyday life or work of teachers, pupils or schools
  • Cost effectiveness in terms of educational aims and results – not just price.

In 2011 and again in 2014 we were finalists for Educational Supplier of the Year (Under £1m turnover). The criteria for the Supplier of the Year awards are the same for all three turnover categories:

  • How their product range or the service they offer meets the needs of schools today
  • How they demonstrate outstanding customer-care and an exceptional standard of service to education
  • How they are developing an awareness of and a responsibility towards sustainability and the environment.

We won this category in 2012, and again - almost unheard of in the history of the awards - in 2013.

In 2015 we were swimming with much bigger fish, as our turnover has now exceeded £1m p/a. Again, we were Supplier of the Year finalists. The judges have said of us that "our customer care is second to none". Year on year, this is the standard that we aim to maintain.

Educational Resources Awards Finalist:

2006 - SEN product of the Year (non-ICT)

2011 - Educational Supplier of the Year

2014 - Educational Supplier of the Year

2015 - Educational Supplier of the Year

Educational Resources Awards Winner

2012 - Educational Supplier of the Year

2013 - Educational Supplier of the Year

2014 -SEN product of the Year (non-ICT)