Quality cards in a handy box Quality cards in a handy box
Negative Feeliings Negative Feeliings
Feelings Card Feelings Card
Positive feelings Positive feelings
Quality cards in a handy box
Negative Feeliings
Feelings Card
Positive feelings

Feelings and Emotions Cards

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Feelings and Emotions Cards are a valuable resource for helping them rebuild social communication skills and develop emotional literacy.

These 50 durable cards have a photographic image on one side and activities for enquiry in class, group/talk-partner discussion or circle time on the other. Story starters on the reverse will encourage thinking and development in key social and emotional aspects of learning. The themes cover a diverse range of emotions such as fear, confusion, jealousy, excitement and sadness.

Great for:

  • Discussing how other people feel.
  • Helping social integration or re-integration.
  • Building confidence in forming relationships.
  • Exploring body language and facial expressions.
  • Promoting inclusion.
  • Writing stories, poems and other literature.

50 durable cards in a handy box to store

Example card 

What is happening in this picture?

Explore body language


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