Double-sided phonics board game Double-sided phonics board game
Double-sided phonics board game

Go Phonics 3

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Here's a question- What's a fun and easy way to learn letter blend sounds? Try Go Phonic 3! And if you want to go back and practise earlier more easy sounds and letter blends there is Go Phonic and Go Phonic 2 as well!

These games are great for learning and recalling the sounds of letters and their different combinations.

Go Phonics 3 includes 2 games:

  • Game 1: Further blends. Practise more complex blends and digraphs such as 'spr-' spring, 'ch-' chemistry etc. A mix of initial, vowel, and final sounds that are bit more difficult than those in the previous Go Phonic games
  • Game 2: More blends and final syllables. Practise sounds such as '-gue' catalogue, '-age' luggage, '-tion' fraction. You know how they sound, but sometimes forget how they are spelt. This game is a useful reminder!

Includes: A3 size double-sided laminated boardgame, dice, counters and playing instructions

2-4 players

Suitable for dyslexic learners. Includes answer check sheets.

Suitable for Ages: 8+

Key Stages: 2 & 3

Essential part of the National Curriculum

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